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    Chris Guleff

    Many years ago I read that violists represent a unique subset of the personality types among string players. In other words, violists are drawn to the instrument because it allows them to express themselves in a very personal way. I’m wondering if other violists feel the same way, and specifically, how others define this special quality. For me, the subtle tone quality of the viola and the parts written for it in ensembles allows me to enjoy all the other parts being played around me and gives me the feel of blending all those voices together from the center of the symphonic spectrum. Any other opinions on this topic?

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    I never had an opinion on it, and now having read yours I think I can appreciate the violist much more. By the way, I am just very new to string playing and have chosen the violin.I am a bit “out there” and gregarious so maybe that is an aspect of the violin personality type?

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    All I can say is I enjoy being able to express myself on my violin, particularly when I am just having fun playing by ear.

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