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    Kevin DeSilva

    Hi everyone,

    One of the daughters of my heart loaned me her violin until i am able to purchase my own.

    It is a Suzuki violin that she had in high shool and only has three strings at the moment but I am able to practice bowing technique, etc until my package arrives from Michael.

    It’s not much but i am super happy to be finally able to begin this journey … I get so very much joy out of every moment spent with the violin.

    Just thought i would share this beginning with you ????

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    Kevin DeSilva
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    Mazel tov (congratulations), Kevin! I am so happy for you! Eventually each step will add up and become a tune! Great beginning! Thank you for sharing????

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    Gayle Maurer

    Yup! You have to start somewhere. I am a beginner too and am finding this web site very helpful. When you get the chance, be sure to post a video. There are people out there who are really good at letting you know if you need to improve something and can tell you how to do it.

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    Dianne Adkins

    Kevin! Thank you for posting your video! What a great start you have! Foremost, that it brings you joy to play violin is so wonderful! For some of us it also brings tears ha ha ha! So now let me give you a quick commentary about your start on learning to play the violin.

    I LOVE your violin position. You have cleared the way for easy progress by getting a shoulder rest and mastering a good violin position right from the start. Congratulations! You can hold the violin with only your head. You will be ready for vibrato and shifting into higher positions because of this excellent violin position. Please practice putting the violin on your shoulder with the violin hand only. Your bow hand will be holding the bow, so too busy to help! Take the violin at the shoulder, and put it on your shoulder.

    Here is a pic of how to hold the violin at the shoulder. (The thumb is behind the violin)
    violin position

    Spend some time with the bow only. It’s important to get the bow grip just right. Here is a good pic of the bow grip, with each finger in its place.

    violin bow grip

    Notice the middle and ring finger are hugging the bow. Therefore, I call them the ‘hugger fingers’. The index finger ‘guides’ the bow. Keep it placed near the knuckle closest to the fingertip. The pinkie sits close to the third finger, rounded and on its tip, on the back/ top of the bow stick. Keep fingers evenly spaced apart.

    The thumb is square. Its tip is opposite the middle two fingers and presses into the wood. The pad of your thumb might be able to feel the nub of the frog. The outer part of the thumb may feel the bow hair a little.

    Now that you have demonstrated that you can find all four strings easily, focus your practice on E string only. Place the bow on E string, finding the square of the arm. Make sure the elbow is relaxed and at your side. Make sure your bow grip is correct.

    bow arm square of the arm

    This is the middle of your bow. Your bow strokes should begin there. Practice down and up bows on E, stopping every bow. Anyone can put the bow on the string and move it. It is stopping the bow gracefully that is hard! Listen for the sound of the beginning of your bow stroke, and the sound at the end of your bow stroke. When you stop the bow, whether down or up, keep the bow on the string.

    The beginning of the bow stroke should have a crisp ‘K’ sound. Let the bow thumb push a little up at the beginning of the stroke. You don’t need much! The end of the bow stroke should sound open and ringing. No thumb power needed. Practice a crisp, stopped bow in the upper half of the bow, starting at the square of your arm, to perfect the E string sound. Then proceed to A, D, and G.

    I hope to hear you play again soon!

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    William Bickerstaff


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    Wendy Moore

    Congrats Kevin!!

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    Kevin DeSilva

    Thank you everyone for your wobderful words of encouragement and instruction!!!

    Dianne; i will be sure to put your instruction to good use!… Thank you for this! ????

    UPDATE: my package from Michael finally arrived!…. Soon, i will be able to practice with all four strings present!! ?

    On a side note …. This violin needs a good cleaning… Lumps of old rosin and dull varnish ?

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    Dianne Adkins

    Kevin! My friend!! Congrats on your violin! And you are WELCOME! I am always here to help!

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    Hi Kevin, it’s great that you started playing the violin! Have fun with it!!

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