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    michael, i’ve heard you mention etudes a lot. how important are etudes in a person’s progress? i am not playing any now but i do have an etude book that i find too easy…

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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey Jodi, I actually talk about the importance of etudes in my latest two webinar classes focusing on the etude book “Wohlfahrt.”

    Wohlfahrt Etude #2 Webinar
    Wohlfahrt Etude #5 Webinar

    If you are feeling like these etudes are too easy, I suggest checking out any etudes I suggest in my “5 Habits of Top-Level Players” article. Keep in mind there is a lot more to an etude than just the notes. It’s about how you vary rhythms,

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    thanx michael! that totally answers my question! yes, i have already been through the wohlfahrt book but i just looked up your link to the list of other etude books in order of difficulty. i will have to get some of those! thanx again!

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    Thanks so much for the list of etudes. I started with Wohlfahrt, but I am also working on Sitt etudes. I like them because of the slurs. At first it was really difficult, but now the slurring is going better every day and I believe it’s because of that that my sound in general also has improved.

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