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    Are Electric violins like regular in that if you go for a less expensive brand then the sound will be terrible? Also, I tried a Yamaha at a store and the sound seemed low enough, do they all sound about the same or is it possible that another brand will be louder?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Michael Sanchez

    Strings are a big part of the quality of an electric violin, the electric mechanism is important, and also what it is made out of. There are many out there that are made out of plastic (usually implies bad mechanism) which doesn’t sound as good as something that is made out of solid wood. For example, our Superior Electric violin has good quality strings and is made out of solid wood. Some of the others on our site are more cheaply made. Hope this helps!

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    Celia Levy

    I bought my 6 string electric violin from Ebay and use a 6 string violin set. You should also check out Mark Wood Electric Violins especially the Viper (Flying V) or check out for electric violins.

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    Mark Bliss

    While I am just now learning more details about electric violins, I would add to the above comments that you will find that many inexpensive models are quite heavy. This may be a nuisance or hindrance whether a beginner or established player.

    As Micheal points out, string quality on economy instruments, electric or not, leaves a lot of room for improvement,
    The economy model electronics as mentioned are less reliable and may have less than desireable sound qualities.
    And again, electric or not, the “setup” and playability are often what sets a quality instrument apart and the labor involved can add to the price, but add a great deal of value at the same time.

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