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    Ana Flores

    Which Violin do you prefer Acoustic or electric? Or a combination of both?

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    Celia Levy

    I prefer both acoustic and electric violin I have the violin band pickup which wraps around the body of the violin and I have a 6 string electric violin that looks like one of Mark Wood’s Sabre’s which I bought from Ebay.

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    William Bickerstaff

    Yes… both please.

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    I think that an acoustic violin is very useful for classical performances, and to even start learning to play the violin at a early age or as an adult, because the sound you get is very pure. Now, if you’re already a violinist, and you perform in rock concerts or things like that, an electric violin gives a different vibe to the performance, a cool sound and opens the possibility to have many sound effects. it’s very cool 🙂

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    Mona T

    Both! I love being able to play on my regular violin, but it gets kind of lonely, so I was happy to have gotten an entry level electric and effects pedal with a looper so when I get he chance, I can create my own accompaniment 🙂

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    Nicholas Guess

    I would love to get an electric violin, it looks so fun! 🙂
    But theres nothing like an acoustic violin…

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    Yeah me too! I’ve never played an electric but it sounds so cool!

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    William Bickerstaff

    I tried attaching a pickup to my violin and it deadened the violins resonance… it was dead. So for amplification (a microphone would hinder my “dancing”) I would go for the electric.

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    William, you know there are microphones that clip onto the violin, right? Perfect for your “dancing”.

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    Both electric and acoustic violins are needed. In process of learning acoustic is better one. But for doing a rock kind of performance with all sound effects an electric one will be better. For classical violinists acoustic violin is enough for their performances. I always prefer acoustic one for learning stuffs and I recommend that to beginners as well.

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