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    Ana Flores
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    Which Violin do you prefer Acoustic or electric? Or a combination of both?


    Celia Levy
    • Contribution Score 48

    I prefer both acoustic and electric violin I have the violin band pickup which wraps around the body of the violin and I have a 6 string electric violin that looks like one of Mark Wood’s Sabre’s which I bought from Ebay.


    William Bickerstaff
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    Yes… both please.


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    I think that an acoustic violin is very useful for classical performances, and to even start learning to play the violin at a early age or as an adult, because the sound you get is very pure. Now, if you’re already a violinist, and you perform in rock concerts or things like that, an electric violin gives a different vibe to the performance, a cool sound and opens the possibility to have many sound effects. it’s very cool 🙂


    Mona T
    • Contribution Score 63

    Both! I love being able to play on my regular violin, but it gets kind of lonely, so I was happy to have gotten an entry level electric and effects pedal with a looper so when I get he chance, I can create my own accompaniment 🙂


    Nicholas Guess
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    I would love to get an electric violin, it looks so fun! 🙂
    But theres nothing like an acoustic violin…


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    Yeah me too! I’ve never played an electric but it sounds so cool!


    William Bickerstaff
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    I tried attaching a pickup to my violin and it deadened the violins resonance… it was dead. So for amplification (a microphone would hinder my “dancing”) I would go for the electric.


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    William, you know there are microphones that clip onto the violin, right? Perfect for your “dancing”.


    vyshakh subrahmanian
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    Both electric and acoustic violins are needed. In process of learning acoustic is better one. But for doing a rock kind of performance with all sound effects an electric one will be better. For classical violinists acoustic violin is enough for their performances. I always prefer acoustic one for learning stuffs and I recommend that to beginners as well.


    Dianne Adkins
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    I definitely prefer acoustic. A big part of violin playing is developing tone. The violin was originally an acoustic instrument, so to play the classic music, and get the full benefit of all the standard technique practice, acoustic gives a true sense of the original intent, both of the music written for violin and the instrument itself. Electric violin is a modern creation and I feel like it should be an extension of skills you develop on the acoustic violin. Amplified sounds, especially with effects, alter the true sound, sometimes letting you off the hook on important aspects of violin playing you need to master. Ultimately it depends on your own goals. I guess I’m a purist. 🙂


    William Bickerstaff
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    A microphone would have to clip somewhere besides the body of the instrument and definitely not on the neck. Anything clipped to the body stops the violin resonance. I have, however, fixed that problem by purchasing the Mark Wood Sting Ray violin which should arrive on Monday. Looks like I will be playing the blues/jazz/rock/funk again on Monday night at the pub.

    Otherwise, I am with Dianne.

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