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    I have seen that most Adult Learners are far too serious and regimental in their approach to playing the fiddle/violin thinking that the number of hours they practice will convert into good playing. They cram as much into their practice time as possible instead of picking out one or two things that they would like to address and dealing with just that. I think that we need to approach it more from a child’s view. When they get a new instrument they try all kinds of things on it and have a great time. This is supposed to be FUN and we should approach it as something enjoyable instead of a schedule of dreaded things that we must complete in each session. When was the last time you played something that YOU really wanted to play? Relax and enjoy this fiddle experience while it is happening and have fun while learning. Don’t be jamming 15 songs into your practice time when 2 would be better and more enjoyable.


    murakami sandy
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    well, i don’t know about other adult, but for my part, if i didn’t have fun with it, i wouldn’t have even started it?.i only play peaces than i love and wich moves me. and even if my playing break some ears i do my best in my practice to play it well


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    Yeah i used to be serious before because i dont want to be told slow learner until i realized that im not enjoying playing the violin anymore. Until i just want to really appreciate music and its meaning then i learned to really play, relax and enjoy and love the violin, and also life.


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    Thanks for this topic. It is a great idea and I want to keep it fun, even if it is challenging.


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    Actually, as an adult I’m learning to relax and enjoy the process much more than I did as a child.

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