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    A few friends and I decided to name our instruments back in 7th grade. My viola is Sir Sergio Amadeus Wagner! He was the trouble maker for me in 7th grade, he NEVER stayed in tune for more than 15 minutes… Then in 8th grade, I took him to the Middle School Honor’s Orchestra in Olathe, Kansas and sat 2nd chair viola. After that, I decided to get my viola checked out. Apparently the holes were too big for the peg!

    Anyways, what your instrument’s name?

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    Michael Sanchez

    I always have different instruments I play so I never get a chance to name them. I’ve heard plenty of names though for people’s instruments over the years. Really interested in hearing answers to this question!

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    I have not thought of naming my violin…but that would be fun!

    My violins name is now Claire….from Outlander! Beautiful, soft, and bold. 🙂

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    Elizabeth Davis

    My cello was made by the Heinrich T. Heberlein attilier in 1928 (Mr. Heberlein himself died in 1911 – the shop continued on, most likely run by his son or daughter).

    This is the maker’s entry from the Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow Makers Information about Heinrich Th. Heberlein Jr.. Basically, he’s one of the first luthiers to intentionally varnish his instruments to look “weathered” and marketing his “brand” of quality instruments.

    I named my cello Isaac Heberlein when I bought him from the Bass Viol shop in Cincinnati, Ohio back in college in the mid-1980s. The cello has a wonderful tone, great for chamber or orchestral music.

    I chose Isaac for it’s Hebrew meaning (he laughs) because he was always laughing at me during practice!

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    When I receive my new Vitale I’m going to name it Gunther!

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    William Bickerstaff

    My Damiano’s name is Caroline. My Schilling’s name is Lagartha. My old violin, the Roth, was named Ruby (for the red color).

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    Brad Stevens

    My old violin has letters carved into her back — “Canora” — so that is what I call her. One of my “students” named one of my project violins that she wanted for herself, so that one is still called “Olivia.” Other than that, I use maker names, if I know them.

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    Sarah Juarez

    I haven’t really thought of naming my current instrument… But if I got a new violin I would name it Albion 😉

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    Yes, I thought about it since I bought it. It’s name is Dante because is red-ish and has a strong and piercing sound

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    Yes, it is called my voice. God gave it to me free of charge. I keep it fined tuned by staying away from unclean foods

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