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    Hi 🙂

    I started to learn the cello a month ago and I also took up the violin 6 month ago , my teachers did not think in the beginning that its a good idea but no problems so far. I dont get confused or mix the two.
    I would like to know what you think about learning the two at the same time?


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    Hi !
    I started the cello 16 years ago (when I was 19), and started the violin half a year ago.
    I think it’s possible to learn both at the same time. If you really want to, must be possible.


    Chris Guleff
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    The violin and cello are just different enough from one another that there shouldn’t be any major points of confusion. They use two different clefs, one is played upright, the other from under the chin — it’s easy for the mind and body to separate the two, just as it’s possible for an athlete to be a runner and a baseball player at the same time.


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    Hi I play the violin and the cello and I think it is definely posible !


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    I play both violin and cello, along with 14 or so other instruments. If you’re asking if a raw beginner should start to learn both simultaneously, I’d advise against it. Even if the student is capable of learning to play them at the same time, would they have enough time to practice each instrument?
    If someone can to me for instruction, I’d urge them to choose one or the other, give it 12 to 18 months before considering adding the other instrument.


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    It should be possible; just will require more work and dedication. Good question though, I’m sure you’re not the only person in this situation.


    Rebecca Cosme
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    I love the cello, and personally hope that one day I can add it to my repertoire as well!


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    You can learn from both at the same time. But you need dedication.

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