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    I have all of my various instruments (Uke, mandolin, guitar and fiddle) hanging on the wall in my office so that at a minutes notice I can pick any of them up and play. When I first started playing I kept them in their cases but found that I didn’t play as often because it meant getting them out etc etc. Once I saw the hangers and bought them I have been in paradise. Sometimes I only have a couple of minutes here and there that I can play and that makes it easier. I do however have a hygrometer in the room and a humidifier so that I can keep the room at the best humidity and not let it get too dry or humid. I shut the door and keep things under control and my instruments stay in tune and sound great!

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    murakami sandy

    i leave my violin in its case open with a cloth to protect it like that, i protect it from dust and i can pick it up anytime i want?

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    What a great opportunity to have your beautiful instruments out to admire and play any time you have the inclination. I’ve frequently seen guitars and the like on display in people’s homes, but I’ve never seen violins, violas or cellos stored out of their cases because they are much more sensitive to temperature and humidity. The only exception to this is in violin shops, and the shops near me keep their instruments on display behind glass, either in cabinets or in display rooms. If you are very careful with the temperature and humidity, and ensure they are out of the way of traffic in and out of the room, I don’t see anything wrong with having them hanging up. I personally love to see instruments on display!

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    Mine is in a case but the case is on top of my dog’s crate so I just have to open the case up and grab the violin. Very convenient for me.

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    Faith Shuecraft

    I keep mine in a case, But I would love to have some on the walls.

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    Priscilla Gaskins

    Mine stays in the case because I have dogs and they get in to things-but I agree with Dlawless- I would play more if I didn’t always have to take my violin out of the case and set it up!!

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    Mine is on the wall. A few people told me the mercurial midwestern climate would mess with it, but it stays in tune pretty well between practice sessions (which are daily, though sometimes short). You can get a kit to hang a violin on the wall quite cheaply and they are easy to install – just ask my husband as he did all the work!

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    In the case

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    I keep my violin in the case zipped up, when I’m not practicing. There’s too much of a chance that something could go wrong when it’s out and you’re not present. Especially if you have as many siblings as I do! My parents taught me that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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    I have a stand for the violin and bow so it’s readily accessible.

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