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    Hi everyone.Im using a Cherub 578RC digital tuner. I see that the Hz can be changed when tuning. I have mine at 440hz. Is this the normal Hz for tuning a 4/4 violin? (Only been playing violin a couple of weeks now). I just dont want to snap a string because the Hz of the tuner makes a big difference.


    Dianne Adkins
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    Hi, 440 is the A string. Same for any instrument. Start with A, then tune D. Then tune E. Keep coming back around this rotation to tweak, because as you tune one string, the others can adjust slightly. Finally—G.


    Erin Garlock
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    The current tuning standard is 440 A. Historically, tuning has differences across the world and ages. You’re not going to break a string tuning up or down with your A string close to 440.
    Here’s the current standards.
    G 196.00
    D 293.66
    A 440.00
    E 659.25


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    Thank you for the info. Much appreciated 🙂

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