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    Hello Everyone,
    I was wondering what the melody difference was between an electric violin compared to just a regular violin? I was looking into getting an electric violin later on and was wondering if it worth the money?
    Thank you for any advice,

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    An electric is great if you want to play around with effects pedals and live looping. But other than that, the regular sound of an electric doesn’t compare with a traditional violin. If playing louder is what you want, it is better to invest in a pickup.

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    Scott Adams

    Hi Tally. I’m with Chantelle on her advice. Get an electric if you have specific use or interest in its unique sound possibilities. Otherwise, either buy a good quality pickup/microphone for the amount of money you’d end up spending, or invest in an instrument that does both really well.

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    Ana Flores

    There is really no difference. The electric just adds effects to the acoustic violin. You just happen to stumble upon being able to play longer notes and other sound effects with the use of a pedal

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