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    Ladbrooke Bomeke


    My name is Brooke and I’ve been playing violin for over ten years now. I’ve had teachers here and there but half the time have been teaching myself or learning what I can on the web, including this website or playing in orchestra. Recently, I’ve started lessons again with a teacher and it’s been about two months and even he says I’m an intermediate player, probably more advanced…. But I don’t think I’ve learned or progressed at any rate having lessons again. My teacher makes me do opera songs that have been rearranged for violin and I just dread playing them and he keeps telling me to play these songs ever slower and to stop speeding it up. And when I finally do slow down to the desired tempo, I zone out of my playing so that I hardly put anything into the song he’s having me learn. I’m all for classical music but these songs he’s having me learn are long out of print and I can’t even find them on YouTube.

    Yet, when we do the scales and techniques, it all comes easy to me and I even told him this is what I want to do (and not waste time in his horrible choice of music) I’ve been trying nicely to tell him I need to be more challenged. I’ve tried to have a positive attitude about it, thinking he knows what’s best for me, but by the end of the lesson, I leave without taking anything from the lesson….

    Then the next lesson, he’ll pull out another beginner instruction book just full of quarter notes and half notes with a shift here and there.

    Let me try to explain where I am on the violin (that and the fact it’s the love of my life) I practice three octave scales and I start them out differently each time I practice them so I’m not used to one way of practicing it, I LOVE and play Lindsey Stirling music on my violin and it comes pretty easy to me. I’ll practice technique at least in hour on violin before starting on my songs and I’ve told him all this.

    I don’t think I’m advanced, and I know I need more help, but I do not think I’m getting it from my new teacher. His students seem to like him a lot, but as far as I can tell, they’re still playing in 1st grade books. I KNOW I’m beyond that.

    Is it me? Or is it my teacher? As a more advanced player, would this site alone advanced my playing without taking anymore lessons?

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    Ariel Polycarpo

    Well I have been playing the violin for about 10 years now and I consider myself an advanced player, though we all always have lots of new things to learn. One of the most important aspects of violin playing, is LISTENING. If you keep playing music that you can not listen to, find good recordings or if they are not on youtube, than you are missing a important aspect of music learning. I do not recommend you not to have a teacher. It is very important to have someone that can listen to you, and say what you need to learn. You must have a teacher that will always push you forward and encourage you to play the violin. Also, you must enjoy what you are playing!!

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