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    Is there a special type of cloth that is best for cleaning rosin off the violin body and fingerboard or is any soft cloth like flannel or microfiber ok? When I was young and had a beginner violin, I don’t remember being instructed to clean it off. I thought it showed how much that I had practiced when there was rosin dust on my violin!


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    I remember as a youngster hearing about cheesecloth to clean the rosin with, but not sure about today’s standards. Now that they have microfiber cloths for glasses and camera lenses, I wonder if that is appropriate for a violin, or bad choice? GOOD question though!!


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    I am using a cosmetic brush with very soft hair to brush the rosin away from the violin. And for the strings I use a little piece of household-cloth soaked with some drops of perfume. The alcohol in the perfume solves the rosin and cleans the strings completely. But one has to be careful and shouldn’t touch the top of the violin with this cloth because the alcohol can damage the varnish.


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    I use a microfiber cloth. I wipe my strings and my violin down with them after each practice. They seem to work really well.

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