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    Hey guys,

    I have a Medini 300 violin. I have been experiencing very bad pain when I try to play and practice.
    It gets to the point to me being nearly in tears after even just five minutes of doing scales.
    I was advised by a teacher on a different forum to remove the chin rest (She had seen my YouTube videos where I make vids to track my progress)
    Anyways, she suggested that I remove the chin rest. Which I did (it simply slid off, no damage or screws involved) and it has helped SO much.
    When I mentioned this in a different Facebook group, I got hit with so much negativity and people insulting me that it was very disheartening..
    I know of some people who don’t use a chin rest, I know that the oils from my face could damage the varnish and all that.
    I saw on SuperiorViolins that there are some chin rests, the one on my violin goes over the tailpiece. I was wondering if anyone had any advice with
    some brands or what types I should consider? I believe I need a thinner chin rest. I was also wondering if anyone had tried out any of the shoulder rests
    on Superior Violins and if they could recommend some? I have a small neck area and have trouble supporting the violin and holding it properly, and my
    shoulder rest is a bit to small for me to use comfortably and doesn’t give much support. So if anyone could recommend chin rests to look into getting, or alternatives
    to having a chin rest and which types of supportive, sturdy shoulder rests would help. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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    Perhaps you could post a video to get professional feedback. A good shoulder rest can make a world of difference. Also a center mounted chin rest is helpful for many. I have a KUN shoulder rest that I like better than others that I have tried. I also replaced the chin rest with a center mounted one recommended by the luthier at my local violin shop.

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    Thank you!
    Ill make a video about my posture, with and without the chin rest and such. ^^ ill post it here later.

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    Heres the link to me playing.

    My posture and playing.

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    Looks like you got some good feedback on the Adult Learners group. A good shoulder rest helps to hold the violin securely without so much pressure from your chin. The center mounted chin rest would definitely help, too, from what I see and my experience. I actually quit playing for many years after playing for 8 years with an inadequate shoulder rest caused problems that limited my ability to progress with vibrato. It also caused me to develop a bad habit of raising my left shoulder to help hold the violin. Many other things contributed to my quitting, but the frustration from these problems caused by a poor shoulder rest was a big factor. I’m blessed to have
    my music back and to be being healed of these old issues. God is good! Music can be healing, too.

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    EL Go

    Good to check that out. Thanks!

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