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    In this modern day and age, buying a violin online is starting to gain a lot of traction. I know that the best way to purchase an instrument is to play it yourself, but sometimes logistics isn’t in your favour. Do you have any tips for people who are buying online?

    (I know that Superior Violins offer a trial before you buy, but not many other online retailers offer that amazing service.)

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    Michael Sanchez

    In my opinion, buying online is similar to buying in person in that you want to work with a shop and people that specialize in selling violins. Too often I see people buy violins from shops that specialize in band instruments or woodwinds, and most of the time these shops will not be as effective in selling high quality violins. Customer service is very important, and I try very hard to keep a level of personality to what I offer and how I promote it. Just drop-shipping a violin from China is going to create a bad experience for a customer, while personally hand picking a violin, personally setting it up and caring about each and every one of the customers that either walks through your door of your shop (or website) goes a long way especially in the business of selling violins (in my opinion).

    What makes Superior Violins unique is that we are very personal with not just selling, but also helping people learn. Most of my day consists of helping people improve on the violin, which is different than what most shops focus on. I enjoy teaching violin, and wanting my students to have a quality instrument has honestly been a part of what I do since day one of teaching my very first student.

    Hope you’ll consider us when the time is right!

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    I got great service dealing with Michael via onlline, email, and phone. I live in a large city with a fair share of luthiers and violin/music shops. I also worked with a large store out of town that does a lot of online orders as well. Their service was good, too, and when I decided to return the instrument I purchased from them to buy a Damiano, they gave me absolutely no hassle and were very courteous. I would not hesitate to work with anyone who will give you a free trial, online or in person. Just do the same due diligence you would with any company. Check their BBB ratings, etc. Of course, with Superior Violins his customer base is so public, and all of them seem very pleased.

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