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    I’ve always wanted to learn violin but lacked the motivation. Now my girlfriend wants me to learn but I’m not sure if I have the drive to do it. I’m currently on a fixed income due to kidney failure so I’m not sure I want to invest in buying a new (nice) violin. Is there anything wrong with buying a used one? Is there anything I should be aware of when buying a used one?

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    Maybe you can rent one from a music store for a few months and see if you really want to do this? If so then that rental money can probably be used to buy that one or another one.

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    Renting violin is a good option. However, buying an old violin can be risky specially if you are new to this.

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    Dianne Adkins

    I would really like to encourage you to have a look at Michael’s retail site, He has some great starter violins there and right now, through August 4 you can get them 10% off. All the violins on the website are set up with good strings, a good bow, rosin and case. They are constructed so that you can learn with as little frustration as possible. Cheap violins are not made according to industry standards and very often, dimensions are off, making them impossible to tune and/ or keep in tune, and sometimes they just don’t sound good no matter what you do. I have seen violins that look ok, then you try to play it and pressing a finger down causes the string to lay against the fingerboard, preventing it from vibrating. This situation makes it impossible to play.

    Michael current sale page is located here:

    Or you can visit the retail site and look at the other instruments. Maybe you don’t feel all that motivated now, but we offer a lot of resources that keep you going and help you every step of the way. You can always email me if you have questions:

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    I have a cheap (and bad) violin. I bought it used and it was a bad decision: it doesn’t worth the price I paid. I’ve playing it for 10 months.
    Today I visited a luthier, a young guy who makes beautiful violins. He has offered me an used one, and I am shocked for the difference with my instrument. I can try for a month, and then decide, but it’s hard not to keep it, because my violin sounds awful comparing with this.
    First I bought was 200€, although we think it’s a 100€ quality, no more. Now I have this violin that I can buy for 1300€. It’s another universe.
    So, quality is quality, new or 2nd handed. You have to decide how much you pay. I’ve had this bad violin but it has done his job. Now I now much better what I want.

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