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    Rebecca Rivera

    Before anyone asks, I am going to be seeing a doctor as soon as possible for this. I won’t be touching my violin until I seek medical advice, either. I am just wondering if anyone has every experienced this. I know that it has the potential to be numerous things, though. I still have a lot of trouble holding the violin and getting rid of tension.

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    Dianne Adkins

    Hey Rebecca, I was just wondering if you got a diagnosis? I actually have had pain and burning in the left shoulder. I found out it was a rotator cuff injury, apparently a double tear, because my physical therapist said he wasn’t sure how to treat it completely. So I went through 6 weeks of therapy for one aspect, but they couldn’t do strength training (as they usually do, once they’ve worked out the pain issues) because he feared inflaming the other part of the injury. I know this is from years of playing violin. I’m approaching 60 and these ‘repeated motion’ injuries are pretty common. For a young person, though, I would be concerned about how you hold the violin if it is a rotator cuff injury. Let us know what’s up, if you can!

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    When I first started playing I felt a lot of tension in my shoulder and neck which would start to hurt and burn. I put a good shoulder rest, and replaced the chin rest, and the pain immediately went away.

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