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    There’s a point as a beginner where you start being comfortable playing a few songs. They may not be perfect, but you can get through them. I’ve noticed that I’m at that point after playing for 7 months, but I’m starting to forget songs that I learned near the beginning.

    What are some strategies for keeping those songs and building a repertoire? Do you just play all the songs you know on a regular basis? Do you just play one song over and over until it’s burned into your head?

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    Christie Morehouse

    Go back & play the ones you liked best. That way it won’t seem like practice. You will soon find that the early songs are easy now!

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    I do that too. After practicing everything I wanted to practice that day, if I have time left, I pick one song I played before and I just enjoy playing it again. And indeed those songs from before now are way easier to play and sound better! That’s also a way to keep yourself motivated because that way you can see your progress. 🙂

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    I don’t practice every piece every day, but I do a kind of rotation for my Suzuki pieces. I always play my current and the couple of previous pieces every day, and I rotate through the older pieces. For my “recreational’ tunes, I tend to move more quickly from one to another, though I will keep ones I especially like going longer, to the point that they become more difficult to forget!

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    Ladbrooke Bomeke

    I of course do the technical stuff first (scales, exercises) performance piece and then if I have time I perform what I know by memory with the sheet music at hand in case I suffer a brain fart then later at night I just jam to my heart’s content lol that’s fourteen songs I have to practice and still adding. Whatever I don’t play that day I try to play the next day.

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