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    Since I started playing violin, I’ve been listening to a lot of violin music. Through this process I’ve collected a number of songs that I really want to learn but I know that I’m not good enough to attempt yet – almost a bucket list of songs.

    Some songs that I want to learn in the future as I improve:
    Shubert’s Ave Maria
    In Dreams from The Lord of the Rings
    Bach’s Chaconne
    Parson’s Pond Jig by Rufus Guinchard (not too hard to learn but I definitely can’t play it at full speed)

    Does anyone else have a list?

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    Christie Nicklay

    I certainly do! I’ve acquired sheet music for several works by Taylor Davis and Daniel Jang. I, too, am not quite good enough to play them with any justice, but the melody line is simple enough for me to start on them. I purchased the recorded versions too so that as I learn them, I can “play along” with Taylor and Daniel. Definitely a bucket list!

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    Hes a Pirate
    concerning hobbits
    star wars theme

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    I’d love to learn to play the Paganinni Caprise #24 (I think). Itzack Pearlman and Jashua Heifitz played it and I absolutely love it.

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