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    I am probably jumping ahead of myself as I am only on lessen 15 on beginners going in 3 Weeks now.
    I was under the impression that I am supposed to just basically use the bow weight for maximum volume and ease of play, however; now I read that the forefinger is used to apply to the correct pressure. I have noticed that on the high notes, that a little pressure seems to help the volume and clarity. Is that correct?

    p.s. I have ordered ‘Fiddlers guide for Dummies’ that Michael wrote off of Amazon. Probably should have ordered it here as it would have been autographed, come to think of it; Darn!

    I want to play mostly classical



    Michael Sanchez
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    Hey Gary. Everything you are saying is correct about the index finger. I highly recommend checking out these videos which will give you an idea of how the index finger moves, and drills to help develop it. A huge part of getting the appropriate pressure is limiting activity in other parts of your hand and arm.

    Motion of the Index Finger
    Avoid Bad Sounds
    The Index Drill
    The Wall Index Drill

    If you guys are interested in getting an autographed copy of my book, click here. Hope this helps!


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    Thanks, Michael.

    Will check into it.

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