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    just received a Bow rite for my violin. I though I was doing ok with my bowing even thou I have no mirror to check with and no live teacher. Man was I wrong. All I seem to be doing is bumping into the wires. and sounding lousy again. But I will keep trying to use it as I want to improve.

    I also have the Wrist Rascal but not happy with it it seems to small to stop my wrist from collapsing.
    Wonder what ones thought on a V-MUSIC EggMATE

    I am sure in time my wrists will strengthen other than tossing money on gimmicks time to get back to practicing

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    Michael Sanchez

    If you are hitting the wires, you are then not quite extending properly with the bow. As you come out with the bow, try to avoid using your shoulder to move the bow downwards towards the tip. Instead, use more of your forearm to extend out which might feel uncomfortable at first. This should help you to stay within the brackets better and develop a more proper bow stroke. The other thing I recommend is watching yourself in the mirror to see exactly where you are going wrong.

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    Elizabeth Davis

    BettyG, are you able to hold the violin in place with just your chin and shoulder? If not, you may need to experiment with a different shoulder rest. If you’re supporting the violin with your left hand, that’s bad, and you’ll be more likely to collapse your wrist holding the neck of the violin up.

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    Just ordered one. Are they definitely a good practice aid?

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    they should be quite good

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    Hi, I’ve been practicing with a bow right for 6 weeks now and it does make a difference. Before I watched myself in the mirror but was never able to really understand how to bow or at what point I did it wrong. Now with the bow right, I could immediately feel at what point and on which strings I am going wrong. It’s definitely a great help. And when I take the bow right off I still bow straighter than before. So, after some time I won’t need the bow right anymore and will be able bow straight anyway!! Good luck with it!

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