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    I was wondering if anyone has an opinion about silicone/rubber molds that slide onto the bow stick to help train the hand into proper bow hold position. I never used one myself, but I am thinking of using it for some of my beginners. Also, how long is it appropriate to use the trainer?

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    Michael Sanchez

    Great question! I have used these in the past and they do work really well to help develop bow technique. I find that some students really struggle to place their bow hand in certain spots and these tools can really help. I suggest using the tools for up to 1 year, and try to not use it past that. Sometimes I’ve only used these tools for 1-2 months with students, and find that they are ready to take them off. The indicator would be to see how they hold the bow without the tools.

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    Elizabeth Davis

    I’m not sure if this is a factor with the violin bow, but the bow grip trainer on cello tends to add a LOT of weight to the bow, which in turn tends to make playing very heavy handed. They’ve really helped a couple of my students, but limit their ability to do things like spiccato.

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    Faith Shuecraft

    Thank you for asking this question I wanted to know if I should buy one for myself or not. 🙂

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    I used one, but it wasn’t long until I didn’t need it anymore. It helped a lot when I first started.

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