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    I wear unlined bifocals and am considering getting a separate prescription just for the distance for reading music because of the problem with the bifocals not being at the correct angle for the distance when I hold the violin. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

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    Yes I am having tons of problems with this. I ended up copying my method book to larger print and having that be my “large print” music book. I would love any suggestions because this is yet another obstacle for me.

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    Yes, tell your ophthalmologist that you need a separate prescription for reading music. I tried to deal with my trifocals for the longest time, but finally realized the solution is my reading glasses. They live in my violin case, so they are to hand whenever they are needed. It was one of the best violin playing ideas I’ve ever had. ^_^

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    Priscilla Gaskins

    HI this is a huge problem with me also! It causes me to make a lot of mistakes because I have to keep moving my head. I tried store bought reading glasses but the proble with them can’t see except to read so have to take them on and off. Gonna take the suggestion and talk to my eye doctor. I also have to have the music stand pretty high to read the music

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    Christie Morehouse

    I had a pair of computer glasses made. They work just great for violining

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