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    I have the Pirasto Oliv Eva rosin. It’s the darkest you would want to go for a violin rosin and it has a great grip. I’ve tried a few different rosins, and your choice in rosin is a personal preference, but if you’re looking for a sticky rosin that grips the strings and produces a loud, full sound, the Pirastro Oliv Eva rosin is the way to go.

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    How is the dust?

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    I have Jade rosin. Originally, it didn’t leave must dust, but it is dried up now. It still grips the strings, I get a lot of dust easily. I think it is because it is dried out.

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    Scott Adams

    I agree that Olivia is a fantastic rosin. I used it does years with my viola and I was never disappointed with the results (other than my own playing, of course). Lately, I’ve been using both types of Magic Rosin. It’s quite good and provides some solid grip on the string. Not too much dust, either. I also have a cake of Jade in my case. I’ve become less enthusiastic about it, though. It’s soft to the point of being brittle, and terms to leave buildup on the strings over time, even when regular wiping.

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    The Pirastro Oliv Eva rosin does produce quite a bit of dust, but that could be from me digging into the strings, which isn’t a bad thing. But it is generally a good idea to clean off your violin every time you are done playing anyways. And that’s something you really have to do with this rosin. But that’s a small drawback to a great rosin.

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