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    Very nice. Lots of good notes. One benefit from recording yourself is you cant play and critique at the same time and this always helps me to record and watch for notes and tempo. Remember to play with a metronome. Good job!

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    Nice job! Your tone is clean and consistent! You played a different arrangement than I usually hear, so that was fun!

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    Three Chord Monte

    Good job. You’ll find that recording one’s self is a great way to improve.

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    How did you link you video? I need help posting mine.

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    Sarah Juarez

    That was great! You sound alot better than I do 🙂 I’ve tried this piece too…..but I don’t sound very good :\ I’m working on it though 🙂

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    Celia Levy

    Nice job. I love this song Ashokan Farewell I love the way Mairead Nesbitt plays it too.

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    William Bickerstaff

    I have always liked this song since I first heard it on the Ken Burns Civil War documentary. Nice Job! I posted this same song several months ago.

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    Mark Woodyatt

    Very nice! I too became familiar with this piece from the Ken Burns documentary. Does anyone know the history behind this tune? I’d like to know. It’s an emotive, beautiful and reflective piece that is great to perform, familiar with most American artists, and probably a piece of Americana that I’m looking forward to knowing more about.

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    Nice! One of my favorite waltzes. Every time I play this at a dance, the floor fills up with dancers, so apparently it’s a crowd favorite too!

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