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    Very nice. Lots of good notes. One benefit from recording yourself is you cant play and critique at the same time and this always helps me to record and watch for notes and tempo. Remember to play with a metronome. Good job!


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    Nice job! Your tone is clean and consistent! You played a different arrangement than I usually hear, so that was fun!


    Three Chord Monte
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    Good job. You’ll find that recording one’s self is a great way to improve.


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    How did you link you video? I need help posting mine.


    Sarah Juarez
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    That was great! You sound alot better than I do 🙂 I’ve tried this piece too…..but I don’t sound very good :\ I’m working on it though 🙂


    Celia Levy
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    Nice job. I love this song Ashokan Farewell I love the way Mairead Nesbitt plays it too.


    William Bickerstaff
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    I have always liked this song since I first heard it on the Ken Burns Civil War documentary. Nice Job! I posted this same song several months ago.


    Mark Woodyatt
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    Very nice! I too became familiar with this piece from the Ken Burns documentary. Does anyone know the history behind this tune? I’d like to know. It’s an emotive, beautiful and reflective piece that is great to perform, familiar with most American artists, and probably a piece of Americana that I’m looking forward to knowing more about.


    “Papa” Robert Hill
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    Nice! One of my favorite waltzes. Every time I play this at a dance, the floor fills up with dancers, so apparently it’s a crowd favorite too!


    Nicholas Guess
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    Sounding good! I love this song!


    Joanna Johnson
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    Good work, Emma! It is a very nice tune. Your tone is sounding pretty stable. The biggest technical thing I would suggest to work on from watching your bow is to relax your right hand. Try to keep your pinkey curved. This will help your hand, and in turn your bow strokes, stay fluid and relaxed. Then keep your eyes on your bow and watch that it doesn’t drift towards the fingerboard. Most of the time it is a lot easier to tell how straight your bow is by looking in the mirror while playing. The combination of keeping a bent pinkey and keeping a straight bow will really improve overall tone. As far as your left hand goes, you will find the most dexterity by keeping a small space between your thumb and first finger and keeping your hand relaxed. Most violinists tend to squeeze harder on the fingerboard than they need to.

    You seem to be taking the piece at a good tempo. I would suggest finding more spaces to breathe. Think of the piece as telling a story. If you were reading a story, you would take time to breathe during sentences. You might use different inflection in your voice for different events and characters. Think of the tune in the same way. Where are the questions? Where are the answers? Take time to breathe in between “sentences” or phrases and shape your phrases with a little more variations in volume -it is always hard to hear dynamics over video recordings. 🙂

    Good job! Keep up the practicing and learning new tunes! If you want more one on one coaching, you can check out my teacher profile here.


    William Bickerstaff
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    Nice intonation! Remember that this is a waltz… try thinking in rhythm (1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, etc.) and your fingers and bow may follow. Now… about those horse videos…


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    It sounds really nice Emma. Good job.


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    OMG this sounds amazing! Great Job!!


    Dianne Adkins
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    EmmaNoelViolinist, thank you for sharing! I love this song so much! You made me want to make a video of this song to post here 😉 So as for feedback, you have received some good suggestions above my post that you can work on. Meanwhile, I’ll try something that hasn’t been said. I saw a hint of a budding vibrato and I wanted to give you some ideas for developing a relaxed, open vibrato. Right now I see you are using a shoulder pad, and positioning the violin in a good place on the shoulder. The left hand seems to be functioning properly with no technique issues to iron out. Your vibrato is what is called a ‘finger vibrato’, which is where the player applies more, then less, pressure of the fingertip on the string. Of the three types of vibrato, this one is the one that is not desirable. The small action of changing the pressure of the fingertip on the string, causes the pitch to go fuzzy, then clear and produced a ‘false vibrato’ so let’s fix it.

    I prefer a vibrato that originates from the wrist, with the hand rolling toward your nose and away from your nose; more specifically just under the note and then to the note, never above. To achieve this, you are all set up for an easy execution of this technique. All you have to do is release the base of the first finger from touching the violin neck. Some people find this very hard to do, even when the head is securely holding the violin. So I suggest practicing easy pieces with this in mind. Touch only the thumb to the violin neck, and the finger tips. Keep the base of the first finger free. In fact it can touch the neck during a proper vibrato, but it must slide on the neck with the ‘waving motion’ of the hand, so practicing with this part of the hand not touching but staying close, is a good first step toward developing a proper vibrato.

    Feel free to message me if you have questions about my comments. And thanks for sharing your talent with us!


    Michael Sanchez
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    I’m so happy at how this post has developed. What can be better than a great video, 10 positive posts from students, and 2 constructive posts from professional teachers. I’ve never seen anything like this before–great job everyone! Inspiration for all!


    Anna Butler
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    That’s a really great song. Keep up the good work. Its really fun to play as a duet too! 🙂


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    Very nice! Now I have another song to look up the music for. Beautiful song!


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    That was lovely!

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