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    Mackenzie Alldrin

    Hey adult violinists! Are you picking up the violin (or viola) for the first time, or have you played in the past and are you returning to it? What made you want to learn (or return to it)?

    If you’re considering learning violin but you doubt yourself because of your age, check out this article:

    Keep practicing!

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    Seriously? No posts here yet?

    Okay, I’ll bite.

    53 years old in Idaho. Started playing the violin 2.5 years ago when arthritis started to rear it’s ugly head. It was a “now or never” sort of thing.

    Inspired to learn when I first heard the Ashokan Farewell as the theme for Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary. Inspired further by reading the Patrick O’Brien Master and Commander novels.

    Now practice and playing are my mental refuge and I usually get in 45 min to 2 hours a day, morning and evening. This instrument is so demanding that I find I can’t think of anything else while I’m working on it… a real relief and escape.

    Eclectic tastes in music/artists from Bach to Boccherini, from Mark O’Connor and Jay Ungar to Natalie McMaster and Hanneke Cassel. Bryson Andres to Peter Lee Johnson, Regina Carter to April Verch. So much to choose from that’s fun to listen to and inspiring. One of my favorite pieces is Chloe Hanslip’s performance of the theme to Schindler’s List.

    Anyway. Go adult learners. There’s something lovely about picking up something new and demanding later in life.


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    I was wondering if any adult learners could share the hardest part of learning to play at an advance age? Something they didn’t expect?

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    I am 47 and started with the violin just a week ago. Still trying to figure things out and create a solid practicing structure. My practice is a bit hindered by the fact that I have to worry about the noise. have a mute coming in the mail but it is taking so long!! :-). Anyway, it seems like for a nice practice you have to challenge yourself with a piece of increased difficulty on your 3 or 4 songs repertoire. I play everything by ear ( tt little star) and will be learning to read music as this goes ( i hope) . Does it matter how difficult is the piece? Where is the line that separates a difficult piece from a frustrating one in the case of a beginner like me?

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    Time to practice without bugging friends and family….

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    Keeping the violin in tune is an issue for me. It maybe just me or the violin I happen to own.

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    brianduffy is it slightly out of tune or dropping out of tune a large amount?

    I find my violin goes slightly out of tune daily I think that is due to humidity and how warm it is. IF it drops out of tune large amounts it due to the Pegs working their way out of holes. When you tune with the Pegs you need to Press inward as you turn.
    Also IF the strings where not put on correctly it could contribute to it not Griping properly.

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    Never played in the past, but have wanted to learn for a long time. Started learning back in late September this year and am very thankful that I can read music as it has helped me as I go through my lessons with my instructor. Though my biggest issue is really keeping my hand in place when using my fourth finger. Everything seems to shift and I’m out of tune fairly quickly because of it. Happy to see that I’m not alone in starting later.

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    I just turned 50 and I have wanted to learn violin since i was young. I’m hoping to get a violin soon, so that I can fulfill this lifelong desire.

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    I picked up the violin for the first time 3.5 years ago because it was something I always wanted to learn. It certainly keeps me busy as now I am part of an amateur string ensemble.

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