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    Michael Sanchez

    If you are a teacher, post here and tell us a little bit about yourself!

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    I am a string, piano and vocal teacher. I have been doing all of these professionally, so it’s a lot of practicing to keep my skills sharp in all of these areas. Since I have been teaching, I have encountered students from diverse cultures, personalities and abilities. I want to know if there are any teachers who work with students with autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, and what are the approaches you find helpful in teaching them? Do you find it takes longer to complete a piece or technique?

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    Samuel Araujo

    I am starting to teach now. I do not have a permanent student yet, but I give lessons to my friend’s students when she is not available. I am definitely considering starting my own studio.

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    I have been teaching for over 6yrs aroung Longview so played in the Tx. Also I taught in Irving Tx for three years earlyer. I I played in the Irving Symphony and also in the Longview Symphony for over 25yrs. I enjoy teaching and will try to teach anyone that want too.

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    I’ve been a string teacher for over 5 years and thoroughly enjoy helping people discover the joy of making music. I like working with adult students. While most have busy schedules and progress can be slower than younger students, I find they are motivated to learn, understand that progress is achieved through practice and appreciate the need to make the most of each lesson. Nothing is better than seeing someone who’s wanted to make music their entire life realize that goal.

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    Laurie Trlak

    I am a wife, mother, and grandmother, living in northeastern Indiana. I have played violin since I was nine years old, but to a 20 year break from playing after I got masteries. I picked it up again in 1994, and I have been playing ever since, majoring in Music Ed at Ball State University from 1998-2000, at which time MS fatigue forced me to drop out. I have continued my studies with a private teacher since then, and I have taught in my own studio, although I do not currently have any students. I would like to teach again.

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