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    You brought back a memory. When I was in the Marine Corps, stationed in Washington D.C. back around 1975. I talked with a single young woman; by the way, I was a single young man. We were at some kind of gathering. She told me that I had a very nice singing voice, and she loved to listen to me sing. I thought to myself that I never sang in front of her. She lived in the apartment just above me. She was on the 17th floor, and I was on the 16th floor. No, we didn’t get together.

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    The coolest violin story that I’m aware of is in that Canadian movie “The Red Violin”. Fantastic story.

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    I hope to some day have a cool violin story. That is why I am here and learning violin:-)

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    I don’t have any really good violin stories yet. I know I will eventually, but I haven’t been playing the violin for very long. I have been across the country playing music though, just not the violin. I have spent some time with people that have great stories and I enjoy listening to them. Stories about meeting famous fiddle players throughout their life or how they came to play the instrument. I just enjoy a good story.

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    It’s really cool!

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    My violin story begins many years ago….My grandfather, who was born in 1919, took violin lessons as a child. He apparently hated taking lessons and never went very far with it. When he passed about 9 years ago, my parents gave me his old violin. Shortly after I acquired his old violin I picked up a violin as a gift for my dad (in his 60’s) who always wanted to play but never did. He had it for a few years and never did anything with it so he gave it back to me. It sat in the top of a closet for about 6-7 years and survived a house fire we had last year. This past Christmas a friend received a violin as a present and taught herself to play. She inspired me and after getting a free afternoon of music instruction (piano and violin) from a visiting preacher and his son at our church in April, I came home and got started. I am slowly progressing but I love it!! I am 41 years old and am finally fulfilling a long time dream of playing what I consider to be one of the most beautiful instruments!!

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    I began playing the violin when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I played all throughout my school years until I graduated high school. Like so many of us do in our youth I went off to college and stopped playing. Now I am 35 and have began relearning all the things that that i had learned so long ago. I had forgotten how much of a stress reliever my playing was for me. I have a 12yr old daughter that has beganing playing the viola at school so it has been a fun ride practicing the violin while she plays the viola part. This helps to keep is both motivated to practice. Because it is awesome quality time with each other as we learn together. I don’t have much free time and I was so excited to find this program. I am looking forward to continuing to play and becoming a better violinist.

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    I began playing the violin in the 4th or 5th grad and played through the middle of my senior year of high school. I took private lessons and always played in the top level orchestra offered by my school. I loved playing more than practically anything. It was my goal to become a professional player and play all over the country. Unfortunately for my senior year of high school symphony orchestra, I had an absolutely horrible orchestra instructor. He ended turning my love for music into hate. I stopped playing halfway through that year and didn’t pick my violin back up for about 6 years. At times I would often think about how much I had loved to play but I would also remember why I quit. During what I call my “violin glory years” my grandmother and I would get together and play 2-3x a week. She would sit at her piano and I would pull up a chair with my violin. She always encouraged my love for music and would teach me the piano on a weekly basis. She was incredibly sad when I quit playing but told me “Now love, I know your passion for music has been reduced to a smolder, but it will light back up again, it always did for me. We are people who have music in our soul and will always look to music to relax, live, love and heal”. I don’t think I have ever been so happy that she was right! My Gamgam was overjoyed when I called her pearlier this month and asked if she wanted to play like we used. She is 90 years old now and still going strong! I am happy to have our bond of music again.

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    Chris Guleff

    When I was in college I took a ride into the surrounding countryside and stopped at a rural antique store with some friends. They had a violin for sale for only $25 or $30 – this was in the late-1960’s. The violin looked to be in pretty good condition so I picked it up and started playing it. I smiled at everyone and the shop owners just nodded hoping I would buy it. It actually sounded pretty good for an inexpensive instrument, and nearly did buy it, except that I really didn’t need another one and it would not have been an upgrade from the one I already had. Now I wish I had — I could have passed it along to someone else.

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    sounds to me like Chris Guleff needs to take another trip to the countryside…

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