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    Michael Sanchez

    My Grandfather is 92 years old, and still plays the violin everyday. About 10 years ago, he hadn’t played for about 5-10 years as my Grandmother was getting more and more sick. I brought him his old violin that he used to play in the Grand Rapids symphony and he never looked back. Who says you can’t play the violin at age 92? I even had an 89 year old student once who was a PURE beginner. Common people, you can do this…There is my story. Any other cool stories out there?

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    Ladbrooke Bomeke

    Eh they’re just numbers! In the end, it’s just about the passion, I say.

    Can’t say I have a cool story to relate but I look forward to reading others who post! The day I get over my fear of crowds and performing for others will be the day I can tell a cool violin story lol!

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    When I worked in a music store, a boy and his mother came in and asked how hard it is to learn to play the violin? I said it takes practice, but you start by learning how to pick up and hold the violin. I took out a rental and sized him for a 3/4 violin and showed him how to place his feet, balance his weight and pluck open strings. I spent about 25 minutes with him and he learned that he could do it. He and his mother felt better about taking lessons and took the mystery out of learning how to play a violin.

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    Ironically, my violin teacher runs on the phrase “you’re never too old to learn”. She put the phrase on her business cards and now she has several adult students coming regularly!

    As for my story, the only thing I can think of right now is having a Czech violin and meeting an elderly couple from there. They mentioned that violins are typically associated with gypsies there, and for some reason my mother found that hilarious 🙂

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    I’m 57 and disabled. I play the mandolin a little, but always wanted to play the violin. I thought I was too late to start to learn, then my wife surprised me with a real beginner violin and Michaels’ book “Fiddle for Dummies”. I really didn’t think this would turn out well. I was afraid I would scare my cats and end up with outraged neighbors from my apt. complex. But several months down the line and I can’t believe what has happened. The violin has turned out to be as enjoyable to play as I hoped it would be. I try to play every day and my cats and I are still on speaking terms. Thanks to a mute, my neighbors are fine with my practice also. Some do question the sanity of taking up an instrument like the violin at my age, but I get points for giving it a try. It’s never to late to try some thing new. I can’t express the joy of playing this beautiful instrument, but I now can’t imagine not playing the violin. My wife says it has done me a world of good to take it up. I now have to play as much as I can. Do not be afraid to try, It gives life a boost that I never expected or could have hoped for. It really is the definition of joy!!

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    I mainly play the viola, but whenever I play it just for fun, I feel like the 200 lb gorilla gets off my back for once! I carry a heavy load as a full time college student! It’s a lot of pressure, squeezing in 3 hours of practicing a day, plus school work, plus regular work, that I sometimes practice at work!

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    I am 51 and for 3 years was contemplating playing the violin but didn’t want to start anything I might not continue as I sometimes do. A year ago I dove in and found Michael and this site. I immediately bought the Damiano as I read in a lot of places that a quality instrument will make One sound better right off and won’t be so discouraging. It has been about a year and a half now and I play 5 times a week and having a lot of fun learning new songs that get progressively harder. The neat thing about the violin is if You develop technique, even the simplest of songs can sound good, haha! I love how One can put emotion into it. You can make the same song sound sad or happy.
    Anyway, have fun because it is a wonderful journey, not a destination! Enjoy the ride !

    Gary Gipson

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    Past year my second daughter (8 yo) started with the violin at school. Her teacher told me about to take classes with her, so it would encourage her to practice. Although during that year we barely use de bow (this teacher starts with pizzicato) I felt in love with the violin. And then I decided to began with classes with a personal teacher. I didn’t read music, so I’m taking lessons too. And the great surprise is that I CAN play the violin… 😀 I’m 43 and since I was a child I liked so much the piano, that I always knew that some day I would study music and learn to play the piano… And suddenly I am here, with an instrument that I ever thought it was impossible to play. And I simply love it!

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    `I feel in love with the violin a long time ago. Finally, I bought my first one at the age of 49. My husband, son and I owned a restaurant in Friday Harbor, my son is a bagpiper, so I have been around a lot of music. I have never had formal lessons, only help from friends and violinists. A co-worker and I bought many violins on ebay hoping to get that special one. I went to a music shop in Seattle and bought my 35 Roth, which I love. Then this year I bought the Damiano from Violin Tudor Pro, it sounds as good as my Roth! I work as a Para Educator and have the summers off, I write YA books and have German Shepherds, a parrot, horse, and chickens. I belong to the North West Scottish Fiddlers, but it’s a ferry ride away and I’m not able to go to the meets. I am determined to start playing this year. I’m so glad I found this website.

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    I have so many stories to choose from…the husky that sang along to my playing…the time I skipped 8 bars while playing a solo with orchestra…the balancing act featuring “The Wind”….No, I think I have a more recent story. About 2-3 weeks ago, I had just finished teaching and was on the train heading to a gig with a band I play with called “Nautilus”. I was at the train stop just before the one I had to get off at and was standing near the doors with my violin leaning against my leg. Then suddenly, as the doors were closing, a man in a grey hooded jumper grabbed hold of my violin and leapt off the train, the doors closing behind him. Very well timed if I do say so myself.
    I’m sure you can imagine how much I panicked. I no longer cared that I had a gig in half an hour. My violin, my livelihood, had just been snatched from me and I could not just run after the thief. I promptly called the police and made a report and when I got to the next station took another train back to where the man had been and went and talked to station staff. I didn’t believe I was going to have much hope with finding it, it was peak hour and very crowded. I described the blue case it was in and the man who had taken it and after talking to a few people, a train director said that they had seen the man just get on a train heading north! The staff made phone calls to all of the stations that the trains would stop and discovered that there were some transit police officers getting on that train. Now, while the staff were doing all of this, I had been searching around the station area unaware that the man had left on a train, and after about an hour of searching, I got a phone call from a police officer saying that they had intercepted the thief and told me where they were.

    What an experience! I had to make a police report and everything! The thief tried to tell them that my violin had fallen and he had caught it but wasn’t able to give my violin back to me because the doors were closed. I thought I was going to have to testify against him in court or something but the police said it wouldn’t be necessary and I got my violin back within the next 15 minutes. I was incredibly lucky. I had missed my gig, but I also had my violin back and the chances of that happening so quickly had seemed impossible.

    That’s my violin story! I’m not sure if that was what you were after but I thought it would be more interesting than how I ended up playing the violin…which I don’t remember much haha

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