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    Hello all…
    I’m just shy of 63 and am attempting the violin at this point. I have played guitar for many years and learned some piano on my own and even the banjo for a year. Now is the time to make some noise. wow..this is a little tough !. after one week i am sounding a little better. The first week was quite embarrassing. thankfully my wife was out at work while i was following the first 4lessons.
    I do find it quite odd that on the second day of practicing , i looked out the window from my condo complex and saw THREE MOVING VANS there !
    What a coincidence ! Imagine 3 families moving out ON THE SAME DAY !!!!!
    Hopefully i will pursue this… I record songs (some covers.. and some compositions) using various computer music softwares (Sonar, Fruity Loops, Garage band. and now a few IPAD apps).. and i am looking forward to incorporate violin into the mix.

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    Hello Steve, welcome to the Violin Tutor Pro forum!

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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey Bichon! Welcome to the Violin Tutor Pro community! I’m the owner of the website, and am glad to see that you decided to post. I encourage you to post any questions you have about the violin in our forum and invite you to sign up for a webinar, where you can meet other students that are at the same point you are, and learn in a class setting. So far they have gotten great response and have a lot of students in their 60’s.

    Learn more about the webinar classes

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    Hi Steve!

    My name is David Inman. I too play guitar and piano. I purchased a cheap violin about a year ago. I thought, “Hey, I play guitar, the violin can’t be much harder” Wrong!! After struggling for a couple of months trying to learn on my own, I took about 2months of private lessons. I never once saw the teacher play the violin. She hurt her neck and couldn’t play. She could only play the “Air Violin” So, I quit lessons with her. Then I found Michael’s online webinar classes and they have really helped me a lot. Hope to see you in one of his classes soon.

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