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    Carmen Rodriguez

    Well Hello everyone !!
    I just want to give you my review after a month with my Tia Bruna Violin. I can tell you this violin is much higher quality than I ever
    imagined. The case and the violin are gorgeous and well made , the sound of all of those stringed are beautiful, of course I am a student, not a professional but I can tell the big differences when I playing it and also compared with the $170 violin I bought before. The Tia Bruna violin has presents a new challenge for me and it is what I want for practice everyday. Because my cheap violin I was forced to rent an OK violin to be able to have some quality sounds but I was paying for them not for my own , them I read the program of rent to own that Michael has in this website; I called him and with a little down payment and a little monthly payment I just have my AWESOME!! Tia Bruna Violin which this is another plus………. 🙂

    ” Wishing You All Have Marry Christmas!!!! “

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    Hi Carmen, so glad you’re enjoying your new violin! Hope to play a better quality violin some day too!

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    Tony Cox

    Just curious, how much did you pay for your Tia Bruna back then. I am interested in getting one too, but am wondering if the price is fluctuating at all. Right now it comes with a pernambuco bow and case for $1399.00 until May 3.

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    Scott Adams

    Tony – The prices do fluctuate a bit based on sales, season, and availability of the instruments for Michael, from what I can tell. However, no matter what the price, Michael has TONS of options for purchasing the instruments. I can say from experience with three different instruments form him that he’s flexible. If the total price seems prohibitive, there are a handful of monthly payment options he’s willing to discuss. Just go to Superior violins site and click on the chat button. It’s pretty much always him that’s available.

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