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    Hi everyone, I was just wondering how people manage to afford good quality instruments?

    I have been playing the same violin for about 6-7 years and I have done 8th grade AMEB and finished a bachelor of contemporary performance majoring in violin and I now teach and perform on a regular basis. The violin I play is a student violin that I paid just under $1000AU for and the label says Francesco Cervini 1718 model Stradivari. It’s not great in the upper register and isn’t the most even sounding instrument. Intonation is slightly out when playing fifths but I’ve been getting by because I honestly don’t know how I’ll ever be able to afford another instrument. I’m currently considering studying classical again (not that I’m going to set aside the contemporary or anything) and all the classical violinists I know have much better instruments than I do that are so much easier to play. Do people get loans or scholarships or rich parents or you just save up? Or are there organisations that help out people like me?
    I’m 22 and rent an apartment in Sydney NSW, so it’s pretty expensive but this is where the gigs are without moving state

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    Scott Adams

    Hi there! I’m sorry your question hasn’t gotten any attention up to this point! I feel pretty confident in saying that well over 95% of us cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket for a high quality instrument. Almost any music shop you walk into will have some sort of in-house financing or rent-to-own option. I don’t fully know how international business would work for him, but I do know that Michael Sanchez also runs Superior Violins ( and does a great job helping people find creative ways to own good instruments. I have done business on three instruments now. It’s always a good experience. Give him a call or sent him a message. You might be surprised!

    If that isn’t an option, just find a local violin shop, walk in, and start asking questions! 🙂

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    Hi Scott, thanks for your response!
    I’ve actually had some luck with a crowdfunding campaign. A wealthy relative of mine saw the campaign and messaged me to say they wanted to pay the full amount of my violin! So obviously I am very excited and will be going into some of the local string shops to play a bunch of instruments 😀

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