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    I’m just wondering how many of us have problems adjusting to new instruments. I remember reading about one of the fellows who had his Strad stolen and how he’d played for so long on that instrument that it was really difficult for him to play on a new one. So, I’m just wondering what everyone’s experience is in adjusting to a new instrument. My first was a Cecilio violin, nothing special, but a good starter to find out whether or not I was really going to stick with it. When I upgraded from that one, the difference was night and day. The strings were considerably lower, the bridge was curved correctly, making string crossing easier, and it just overall sounded better. But since I’ve traded that one in to upgrade to the lovely Tia Bruna violin, I’ve had to go back to the Cecilio haha. It’s so much harder to play!!!!

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    Chris Guleff

    I have only had one violin since I started, and only tried playing a few others from time to time. When I picked up other violins to play the only thing that was difficult to adjust to was the varying tone quality from one to another. Generally, the feel and placement of the fingerboards was not difficult to adjust to.

    I have owned and played several violas in my time. Violas, more so than violins, differ greatly from each other. I found the adjustment from one viola to another to be quite a challenge. It seems funny now, but the first viola I learned on was one that was owned by my high school, and when I switched from the violin to the viola, I encountered no difficulty at all adjusting. Later, I purchased a Czech-made viola and didn’t like that there was a ridge with a drop from the G to the C string making it difficult to shift from the two lower strings smoothly or comfortably.

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    I played many different violins when I worked in a music store and I own two violins and have played my mother’s violin. Adjusting to a new instrument isn’t too difficult for me; I mainly listen to the sound. I can feel the difference in the action or string height. I agree with you that higher end violins are easier to play and sound better.

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