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    Hmm. Let’s try it THIS way:

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    That was awesome! Keep at it!

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    Joanna Johnson

    Very good! You are getting really good tone. Seems like you have the style down really well! 🙂
    I don’t have many suggestions, only a few. You will find more clarity if you stay more in the middle of your bow. You might find more dexterity in your left hand if you try to keep your wrist straighter and your thumb more relaxed. It looks like your thumb might be higher on the fingerboard than it needs to be. I’d recommend just trying some scales, trying to keep your hand relaxed with a little space in between your first finger and thumb.

    You sound great! I can tell you are pretty advanced in fiddling!

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    Thanks, Joanna! That’s just the kind of feedback I need to hear.

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    I’m not experienced enough to offer constructive criticism, but I definitely enjoyed listening to that a lot! I recognized the first tune – what is the name of it?

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    Great style and intonation! 🙂

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    William Bickerstaff

    Wow! It seems you have the style down… Now for some humor.

    The main differences between the traditional and classical players are that traditional players tend to:

    1. Hold the bow anywhere from the frog to the middle of the bow
    2. Hold the fiddle so that it points out in front of them
    3. Use a smaller amount of bow length when playing
    4. Tap their feet when playing
    5. Not read music
    6. Play better after a couple of drinks (at least to them)
    7. Keep a fairly expressionless face

    Classical players, on the other hand, do none of the above.

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    You described fiddlers to a T Will!

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