Who we are

The Violin Tutor Pro team is a small group of people who are passionate about instruments, music and learning. Our main goal is to see people succeed in learning to play stringed instruments. We want to inspire passion and develop a lifelong love of music in the people we teach. No matter your skill level, we can help you learn!

The problem

Taking private lessons from a local teacher is expensive. Because the cost of lessons can be prohibitive, many aspiring musicians try to learn on their own. While admirable, there can be problems with this approach. People who try to learn an instrument by viewing videos online (on YouTube, for example) tend to end up discouraged and frustrated. Learning consistently and staying motivated requires structure, and sampling the vast “buffet” of online videos provides no structure. This is where the Violin Tutor Pro solution comes in.

The Violin Tutor Pro solution

Violin Tutor Pro bridges the gap between being self-taught and taking private lessons from a local teacher. We offer an organized, easy to understand, affordable and fun way to learn violin, fiddle, or viola. We help people form good habits, stay motivated and achieve success on their instrument. We provide the structure.

We regularly upload video lessons for all skill levels, host live instructional webinars and post on our blog. We also have a growing community of like-minded musicians in the forums.

Our plans

We will continue to add to our library of lessons to include more advanced material for violin. We also plan to expand the site to include similar learning content for viola, cello and bass. We will introduce new teachers as we grow, creating a valuable resource for music educators.

VTP_logo_stacked_light_bgHow you can get involved

Get on the mailing list

Subscribing to our mailing list ensures you won’t ever miss a promotion, blog post or other important updates.

Join the forums

Our forums are a great place to connect with other musicians and students. Community is an important aspect of learning online. Our favorite topic is the “Video Feedback”. Here, you can post a video of yourself playing and get feedback from teachers and students alike.

Check it out here: http://violintutorpro.com/forum/video-feedback/

Participate in the live chats

In the lower left-hand corner of the site, you’ll see a small box with a text bubble on it. Click on it, and you can chat in real time with other people who are online at the time. It’s a great way to ask questions or get some encouragement.

Explore the site

Be sure to explore the Violin Tutor Pro site frequently, as it’s changing all the time. We are constantly uploading new content, so check back often.

Give us feedback

Last but not least, we truly value your opinion. It’s easy to get in touch and let us know what you think by using the “Do you have questions?” feature in the lower right-hand corner of the site. You can also call us at (800) 723-5043 or email support@violintutorpro.com.

Where to start

If you’re new to violin, the best place to start is with Michael’s Beginning Violin Lessons 1-10.

More than just another fiddle blog, Violin Tutor Pro is the best online resource for taking your string playing to the next level. Read more.

At Violin Tutor Pro, we’re passionate about helping you take your string playing to the next level. It’s what we do! 

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17 replies
  1. Emi Smith
    Emi Smith says:

    I’m so glad you created this site, and dedicate your time to helping passionate musicians! I would never really be able to further my education past my 7 years in school if it weren’t for you’re dedication. Thank you all for your time and energy! We appreciate it tons <3 <3

  2. DeaconBlue
    DeaconBlue says:

    You provide a “one stop shop” for everything that is needed to learn how to play the violin. I haven’t found a site nearly as comprehensive as this one. You are definitely to be commended – especially for the huge amount of free lessons, and the frequency of updates!

  3. Will
    Will says:

    I take advantage of this site to supplement my own private lessons. What I have learned here and in my lessons has increased my progress. The eyes of one teacher can only see so much, but here, with numerous eyes of different skill levels I get input from many others.

  4. Marlayum
    Marlayum says:

    I found this site recently, and though I have a teacher in town whom I see weekly, I really value the information and community here. Thanks so much for this wonderful resource!

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