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Mark Woodyatt

Thank you Nichola! Indeed, it certainly is a whole load of fun playing timeless classics with great musicians like these! Glad you like it! The bandleader/guitarist/arranger John Curtin put together this band in fulfillment of one of his lifelong dreams to have a Gypsy Swing band. His arrangements further enhance this unique, infectious, uplifting and energetic style of music which raised the spirits and helped carry many people in Europe and across the globe through the tumultuous period in history circa the Great Depression and WW2. The music is infectious and the perfect Blend of jazz and folk elements. I’d say Hot Swing is the best way to categorize it, considering before the great French Jazz violinist Stephane Grapelli’s partnership with gypsy virtuoso Django Rheinhart, Eddie Lang and Joe Venutti were pushing this style right here in the USA.