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Dianne Adkins

Ah! You have a REALLY nice movement going there. One thing I would like to suggest is that you try to reduce the motion now to starting the rolling or waving motion at the wrist only. Right now you are moving the entire lower arm, and that is fine. Lots of people employ a whole arm vibrato. But if you refine your skill to a wrist vibrato, you will have the option of using either at the appropriate time. Without too much explanation as to why this is important, I’ll just say arm vibrato-ers use it everywhere. Wrist vibrato-ers can use wrist or arm depending on what the music calls for. Wrist vibrato is ultimately the most desirable. It uses relaxed motion, as opposed to arm vibrato which uses muscle tension. Wrist vibrato doesn’t cause the violin to move like arm vibrato does. And you’ll see, in your video, your violin moves with every roll of the hand. Imagine how this could effect the bow. 🙂 So if you try a wrist motion and can’t do it, message me and I’ll give you some more ideas. Great work!