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Suni Norman

Great job! I love the baroque style you are trying to use! You have done some really good work. My old teacher was a baroque player, so I have learned much about baroque playing. This movement is in cut time so the emphasised part of the measure is the 1st beat. I feel that you have implemented this idea into many parts of the piece, but the episodic material (the part where you have lots of eigth notes) could use this. Also remember that it is cut time. Sometimes it sounds like you making the measures sound like they are in 4/4 by making the last parts of beats 1 & 2 too strong. Remember, they are only embellishments of the main beats. In other words, make the notes connect more withing the beat. Hope this helps. If you need addtional help, you can message me. I am one of the teachers on this site. 🙂