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Dianne Adkins

Marlon! There is nothing I love more than a cute guy’s face on a violin! Superb! Thank you for sharing this lovely song with us! I always try to give one pointer to improve playing in my positive feedback. For you, I suggest you think about the bowing in this piece. You obviously feel the emotion of this song. You play from the heart. Now we have to make the bowing work within a musical context. So think of phrase beginnings and phrase endings. Think of what your listener is experiencing, hearing, seeing, when you play this song. You are lifting the bow off the string quite a bit. I think planning the bowing will allow you to keep the bow quietly on the string at the end of phrases. Maybe start up bow, or add some slurs, but remember that dynamically the phrase will most often need to get quieter, so a quickly spent up bow and a lift of the bow at that point would not serve the musical message. More preferably, a phrase ending would be happening at the tip of the bow, as the bow slows down, the sound diminishes, and you hold your stillness physically, as the phrase end disappears. Your movements must not distract from the meaning of the music. I hope I described what I mean clearly. I look forward to hearing more! Many thanks!