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Dianne Adkins

This is a great idea, Mariko! I write in a notebook for my students every lesson to help them narrow down goals in practicing for the week. Most of the time it’s a lot of ‘key words’ that will bring back to their minds what we did in the lesson. I also write ‘units’ of practice, like a measure of rhythm notes (no staff) with a repeat at the end, then indicate 10x or 100x for how many repeats they should do. I find that younger students often play a piece from beginning to end and think they’ve practiced. I focus quite a bit on independent thinking, knowing why we’re doing a drill of some kind, and practice ‘strategies’ that carry over into other problem solving issues. It seems to take years for some students to learn how to self evaluate and strategically, thoughtfully approach practice. I always tell my students “Practice does not make perfect. PERFECT practice makes perfect!” Thanks for your post!