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Mark Woodyatt

My apologies for the poor grammar in my last post.
(I tried orally dictating speech to text using on my iPad..Fail).

I forgot to mention that I generally use a Fischman Loudbox amp, but I’ve found that the best amps made for violin are by the German Company AER.

If you are going into a P.A. Speaker or System, like Yamaha, JBL or Mackie – I’ve found that for an acoustic violin to sound good, or in other words: for a violin with a pickup to sound natural, with dynamic balance intact, a good Pre-amp is necessary. I use an L.R. BAGGS Venue D.I. Pedal, which has a boost button as well as a mute/tuner button and a full spectrum equalizer. Usually, when playing through an amp, this pedal helps as well. An important thing to know is that violins are mid-heavy in the EQ (equalization), so generally speaking, you’ll want to cut the mid-range frequency. Guitar amps are mid-heavy so they don’t sound as natural and can be problematic. Some higher-end bass Amplifiers sound good too with a violin, surprisingly.
This worked for me when I started to mess around to get a good tone- I was advised to try and tune a three-band equalizer, like ones that have a low, mid and high setting, if they are the kind that you turn or dial and are set up to get louder as you turn to the right (kind of like a clock – with EQ setting being at 7 o-clock, and the loudest setting at 5 o’clock).
Set the lows right in the middle and if that doesn’t work (of the bass is too pronounced) try setting it between 9 and 1pm.
For the mid-range- the start with mid all the way down and try playing and adjusting- usually the mids sound best turned down almost to the lowest setting).
The treble usually sounds best at 12 or 1 o’clock. If your instrument is bright, try 11 o’clock. If it’s like most violins, about 12:30 is perfect. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s ok. I’ll put it in other words
For EQ to sound good, if you’re using a three band EQ… With settings between 1 and 10
Try this
Bass – 5.5
Mid – 1
Treble 5 or 6

That should work. I have to set my bass lower.

Sometimes, I set everything like this if I’m playing really loud…
Treble volume -3 (9pm)
Mid-range – 1-1.5 (7-7:30pm)
Bass volume -2 (8pm)

It all depends on the instrument, the cables you use (make sure they are all good…as one cheap cable can ruin your sound). I use Mogami, Giorgel (Georgel), monster Is ok too, and fender makes some great cables, but the Giorgell’s put the least amount of stress on the pickup and are the lightest and best for transducing your sound the most naturally for acoustic instruments.