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Dianne Adkins

Fantastic that you built this one of a kind elec violin! You are multi-talented obviously, an instrument maker and player, it’s more than most of us can say! Congrats! I don’t really know much about electric violins, except that whether electric or acoustic, gorgeous tone is always what we crave! So, it’s obvious you feel the music. You rock! If I had to pick some suggestion I would want to address tone. I heard some almost cello-like richness, then sometimes the tone went fuzzy and unclear. So, you already know the angle of the bow and the actual bow grip are going to have a big impact on tone, but I’m thinking about the bridge of your instrument and the bow you’re using with it. Maybe the strings are hard to play individually, and that would be due to a bridge that is more flat than rounded. So you might consider playing around with a viola bridge, or perhaps already have. Also, maybe use a viola bow too, so you can dig in and get a rich sound in all ranges. Great job! Thanks for sharing!