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Thank you so much everyone! Thank you Diane for your awesome tips!!
In fact, my teacher has told me to move down my first finger, I definitely need to improve that! And also, I think I’m beginning to really feel which way my hand feels better… Since I was five my Russian teacher taught me that the left thumb must not be seen or if so, just a little bit, but then I started taking extra lessons with another teacher (Bulgarian) and I saw his left hand placement was very different. Of course I asked and he said that I should play with whatever makes me feel comfortable. I’ve noticed they both have really contrasting ideas on the arms positions and such :/ and now I’m a little confused I must admit.. so I’ve been changing it up a little bit every now and then, to really find what works for me the best. It’s good to see different opinions which is why I attended extra classes with another teacher. Plus I’ve only had this violin for one year now, and I’ve noticed I get a really different sound depending on my hand position. With my previous violin I couldn’t tell because it wasn’t as good as this one.. thanks for all diane I really appreciated your comment!!

Best wishes from Mexico