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Joanna Johnson

Good work, Emma! It is a very nice tune. Your tone is sounding pretty stable. The biggest technical thing I would suggest to work on from watching your bow is to relax your right hand. Try to keep your pinkey curved. This will help your hand, and in turn your bow strokes, stay fluid and relaxed. Then keep your eyes on your bow and watch that it doesn’t drift towards the fingerboard. Most of the time it is a lot easier to tell how straight your bow is by looking in the mirror while playing. The combination of keeping a bent pinkey and keeping a straight bow will really improve overall tone. As far as your left hand goes, you will find the most dexterity by keeping a small space between your thumb and first finger and keeping your hand relaxed. Most violinists tend to squeeze harder on the fingerboard than they need to.

You seem to be taking the piece at a good tempo. I would suggest finding more spaces to breathe. Think of the piece as telling a story. If you were reading a story, you would take time to breathe during sentences. You might use different inflection in your voice for different events and characters. Think of the tune in the same way. Where are the questions? Where are the answers? Take time to breathe in between “sentences” or phrases and shape your phrases with a little more variations in volume -it is always hard to hear dynamics over video recordings. 🙂

Good job! Keep up the practicing and learning new tunes! If you want more one on one coaching, you can check out my teacher profile here.