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Joanna Johnson

I liked your composition! Well done! It had a slight Lindsey Stirling-ish air to it, but is still different from what I have heard her play. You are playing very well with a strong tone and good intonation! It seems you have pretty solid technique! Good work! There are a couple things you can work on with your bow arm and left hand. These are both things that I have had to work on, and continue to work on still! First is to make sure you are not working too hard with your bow shoulder. Try to keep your bow arm as relaxed and fluid as you can. Let your bow hold do the work of connecting the bow into the string. You will find more flexibility and dexterity in your right hand if you keep your bow pinkey bent. This is something I am learning more and more about! Michael, the creator of the site, has a great bow pinkey exercise! Check it out here
The second thing to look for is that you are not squeezing too hard with your left hand. Try not to grip on to the fingerboard with your index finger and thumb. If you relax your thumb and first finger, you will find after some practice that your left hand becomes more nimble and your fingers will be more independent. Try a simple scale just relaxing your thumb and first finger and keeping just a little space between them. If you are in the habit of squeezing, it will feel very strange! But you will be better for it in the long run. It definitely helped me!

Let me know if you have any questions about my tips. Great playing! You have a lot of energy and life in your playing!