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Dianne Adkins

Beautiful! I loved so much about this video besides your obviously excellent skills. (good intonation, good shifting, expressive playing, excellent vibrato) The back drop, your ‘presence’ in the music… It was almost like a pop music video! Well done! So as a teacher, I would have to find something to help raise your playing excellence, and that would be very difficult to do!

One thing I would probably want to work on is the small detail of the placement of your left hand, base of the first finger on the neck of the violin. Although you play totally beautifully in spite of it being a little further up than I would like, perhaps pulling the placement of your hand toward the floor (including the thumb, which sticks out above the fingerboard right now) about 1/4 inch, would be better— technically.

I always ask a student to question WHY they are tasked with some drill or adjustment to position. Being told to do something by a teacher must have meaning to you or it’s hardly worth doing. Once you understand why, then your practice has meaning and maybe it will be a valuable suggestion. So the reason for pulling the hand placement downwards a little is 1) to improve the function of the fourth finger, which now appears almost straight on the fingerboard. Other fingers appear a tiny bit long, and sit on the string almost looking back at the scroll. Now this is a very tiny, very picky detail in your playing that you work around so well, that most people will hardly notice. Most people will be mesmerized by your excellent playing and stunning visuals, as am I 🙂 And maybe this will be something you don’t find important right now, or maybe you’ve heard this from other teachers.

So another reason for pulling the placement down slightly is shifting into higher positions will be easier because you’ll already be a little more under the violin neck and the thumb will be closer to 4th position and higher, thus making transitions from 1st to 4th and higher will be easier. You are handling shifting quite well but this piece doesn’t pull you above third position, except maybe once, and a couple extensions.

You shared a beautiful and tender performance, but I think this piece is too easy for you, so it leaves little to critique because you played it masterfully. 🙂