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Alec Damiano

Hi Alex, thank you! I’ve still been playing other instruments even though I haven’t been playing violin as often, I think it helps to use fretted instruments to help with intonation. This violin looks like it has frets, but they’re actually just markings, so it feels as if I’m playing fretless. But yes, intonation is always something I’m trying to get better at. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

Hi Mona, it’s awesome to see a fellow metal fan here! \m/ In this video, I’m running a clean keyboard amp (to cover the range) and my pedal is a Korg ToneWorks AX3G, I believe. If it’s not an AX3G, it’s a similar model (I’m at work and don’t have it in front of me right now). I also have a Wood Wah, but I don’t use it as often (even though for Metallica, you’d probably want a wah! haha). The ToneWorks has all kinds of effects: overdrive/distortion, flanger, wah, delay, pitch shifting, etc. It also works as a volume pedal. I highly recommend it. I’m hoping to upgrade my rig soon, but I’m not sure what to get yet. An Axe FX like Dave Mustaine’s would be nice! Haha.

I started learning “Cemetery Gates” a while back, and I was working on “Fade to Black” too… Right now, I’m working on heavier stuff like At The Gates and Carcass. I feel their more melodic stuff would lend itself really well to bowed strings.