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Joanna Johnson

Very good work! I enjoyed the tune. Very nice energy behind it! It was a little hard to see your right arm but try to keep it relaxed. You want to feel as if your bow arm is heavy. The weight of your arm being lose and relaxed is what will really pull the sound out of your instrument. Resist the tendency to press down firmly from your upper arm. The connection into the string comes from a solid bow hold. This is where you can improve flexibility and dexterity in your right hand. Focus on keeping your pinkey bent. Michael, the creator of this site, has this great exercise for bow pinkeys which he just shared with another violinist.
The next thing to work on is your left hand. It looks like you are gripping on a bit tighter than you need with your thumb. Try to keep your thumb relaxed and your wrist straight. You can practice this by doing a slow scale. Wiggle your thumb in between the notes to see if it is relaxed. You can even try playing a scale without your thumb. It takes practice and we wouldn’t actually perform without our thumb, but it is a great exercise to help us realize how much more relaxed our thumb could be! Then, when you shift, focus on keeping that hand relaxed through the shift.

You are playing very well! Keep it up! Let me know if you have any questions about my suggestions!