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Beautiful story. I’m glad you were able to improve your situation. That could not have been an easy predicament for sure.

I was a part of a very musical family but was never all that musical myself. I remember my grandparents having kitchen parties at their house. Family members and friends would play various combinations of fiddle, guitar, accordion and singing. Back then, I always enjoyed those parties but never really thought about them much until years later.

Both of my grandfathers played fiddle. One of my grandfathers was exceptionally good. Whenever he picked up a fiddle, the air almost became electric. He played a lot of shows/concerts in his younger days with my grandmother but not so much as he got older after my grandmother died. However, when someone convinced him to play again and I was around, I always felt I was hearing something special.

Both of my grandfathers would allow me pick up their fiddle and I would pull the bow across the strings. One of my grandfathers taught me a little tune where I would down bow on the A, up bow on the E and down bow again on the A. I always enjoyed the sound but I never really learned to play past that.

Both of my grandfathers passed away years ago but I was never able to get the fiddle out of my head. Finally around the middle of last year, I answered the call and bought my first violin. I started taking lessons at the beginning of September and have been in love ever since.

Just after I started playing, I ordered a book of traditional music from the place I grew up by a man named Kelly Russell. I flipped through it one day and was looking at the author’s introduction. I was surprised to see that my grandfather was in a list of fiddlers that he wanted to play fiddle with but never got the chance. Me too, Kelly. Me too.