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William Bickerstaff

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Most recently, meaning today, I used what I learned from the “index finger drill” plus the lesson on spicatto in another video to help me start to learn spicatto. In just a few seconds I was able to do a decent spicatto. I did put tape on my bow at the balance point to practice and as soon as my muscle memory kicks in, I will have it down and the tape will go bye bye… at least I will have it down for one note per stroke (Hora Spicatto (YouTube it) comes to mind). This is just one example of how this site has helped me. There are other times when I combine what I learn from my lessons with my teacher with the videos and tips, and since I only see her once a week, I rely on the videos here to help me along my journey during the rest of the week.

Superior Violins
I did get my Damiano here… me likes it! I will get another one (or two) from Superior Violins because I want a few violins with different voices for different music.